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To bridge the gap between IFM Business and all available Technological possibilities.

What do we offer

What do we offer

AddOnn supports you to use new technological developments to improve your processes and be able to identify new business propositions to your customers.

To achieve this, we develop SaaS Solutions that support process changes and also allow for identification of new business opportunities.

With our Solutions we guide you to enhance data-driven process support through the following cycle:

  • Digitization of process (Mobile)
  • Support Predictive processes (IoT & BI)
  • Support Prescriptive processes with automated decisions & process flows (AI & ML)
  • Enable definition of new business models
What's the added value for you

What's the added value for you

By using our SaaS Solutions you will gain:

  • Better understanding business environment (e.g. Contracts, Customer expectations)
  • Better insight in your processes
  • Identify growth and improvement possibilities
  • Improved decision making in your processes

This in turn enables:

  • Improved customer satisfaction
  • Improved quality of service
  • Identification of new services upsell & additional revenue
  • More efficient operations and improved margin
  • Business process continuity
  • Opportunities towards more sustainable business process

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